Investing in a hot tub

You want to invest in a portable spa, but you don't know which one to choose or whether you made the right choice. Today we will help you choose well otherwise you will be able to see references on the Tropicspa site which are a good guide not to make mistakes in purchasing a portable spa in a hot tubs for sale. So here are some tips you can use in purchasing your portable hot tub.

Comfort and ergonomics:

A spa is said to be comfortable when it matches your body type, that is to say, it is pleasant to settle in

The filtration system:

It must be efficient, it must not allow bacteria to proliferate because they reproduce quickly in hot water, but it must also be economical so it is preferable to use a filter that works by slice hourly and not continuously.


It is important to know that a spa that is well insulated saves significant energy; the shell is just as essential as the trim. The shell is insulated with polyurethane foam which prevents thermal shocks and therefore cracks that could be caused by the heat of your bath. For the covering, one can use the vapor barrier which is less expensive but not very effective or the polyurethane foam which is put directly on the covering and which protects the piping.

The cover:

A good insulated blanket helps save energy, it should be waterproof so that the heat does not disperse and the water level does not drop quickly. So you don't have to add water every time.

The jets:

The number of jets is an important point because the more jets there are, the more your body is massaged, the more if they are well distributed this guarantees good efficiency. They must be powerful enough.

Last but not least, remember to look at the plumbing, the water inlets and outlets must be equipped with a sealed valve to prevent any leaks, the joints must not allow water leaks either. Do not forget to ask your dealer for the duration of the after-sales service and especially what services he offers you after your purchase.