Do not use a jacuzzi in certain situations

It seems important to clarify that under no circumstances should an electrical device be used near the jacuzzi to avoid any risk of electrocution. In the event that you have just made a physical effort, then you will have to wait a bit before diving into a spa. If you are taking any medical treatment that may make you drowsy, it is best to be cautious and limit spa sessions, which should always be done with other people.

Also, alcohol consumption can be dangerous if it follows a session in the jacuzzi. It is indeed preferable not to drink alcohol, or in a reasonable manner, before and during a jacuzzi session. Otherwise, opt for a short session and a lower water temperature than usual. Indeed, the heat associated with alcohol dehydrates the body and thus can cause discomfort.

Precautions for use

In some cases, it is even advisable not to use a spa, even when taking all necessary precautions. Thus, the practice of the jacuzzi is strongly discouraged for pregnant women and children, but also for people suffering from problems with blood pressure, circulation, heart disease, diabetes or infectious diseases. If you are not sure whether you can use a jacuzzi, it is best to seek the advice of your general practitioner who, by examining you and having access to your medical history, can tell you whether or not to practice the spa. is recommended in your situation.

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